A Battery Reconditioning Business – Why It Makes Sense

A battery reconditioning business could be the perfect fit for your area. Car batteries are expensive. If you have ever owned a car, there is no doubt that you have dealt with a dead car battery.

Your car, boat, bike, and warehouse equipment all depend on a battery to get them started. In some scenarios, the correct battery is difficult to get and very expensive.

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You can alleviate this problem for the public and turn a nice profit with a battery reconditioning business. A small investment into a battery regeneration system can yield you thousands of dollars. A typical battery reconditioning business doesn’t need much room to operate successfully.

Imagine being able to offer refurbished batteries to customers at a fraction of the cost of a new unit. For many people, the lower cost of a used battery will be preferable, especially, when compared to the cost of a new unit.

To understand a battery reconditioning business, you should understand how a car battery works. A car battery contains a combination of sponge lead plates and lead dioxide plates arranged in pairs. These pairs are suspended in dilute sulphuric acid.

The acid causes a chemical reaction in the lead plates creating lead sulfate. This creates an electric current. A battery is composed of 6-cells that create 2 volts each. This is why your car is 12 volts.

Batteries are rated for 5 -10 years but in reality, they usually need some reconditioning at around 3-4 years. The main reason for a battery to go bad is a process called sulfation. Even partial sulfation reduces the power and storage capacity of a battery.

When your battery is drained, it will need to be recharged in order to work properly. Sulfate crystals build up on the contact points of your battery preventing your battery from charging.

A number of reasons cause sulfation. If you leave a battery sitting for too long it will develop sulfation. Using a battery that is not fully charged can contribute to sulfation as well. For many batteries, an untreated bad cell creates the perfect catalyst for sulfation.

A battery reconditioning business fills a much needed niche in the market. There are many different techniques used for battery reconditioning. Commercial smart battery regenerators can successfully remove sulfation without having to add or remove any chemicals. This is the best way to recondition batteries commercially.

You can also test batteries before a client trades them in,to determine if they can be reconditioned. This means you will have minimal overhead and an endless supply of batteries to recondition. The downside of this type of set up is the start up cost.

Reconditioning equipment such as battery regenerators can range in price from $5,000 to $25,000, depending on the make and model you are acquiring.

You can also recondition batteries by changing the acid, replacing it with new. For many batteries, the water has evaporated and this has contributed to sulfation. By changing the sulfuric acid out with a new solution, you can save a majority of dead batteries.

This technique will cause your business to have some overhead costs such as the materials used in the swap. This is still going to be a much cheaper start up solution when compared to buying a regeneration system.

Many people start their battery reconditioning business using this technique until their funds reach the desired point. Then they invest in a regeneration system.

Depending on your financial situation and your potential client base, you may decide to go straight into a high-end system. Recently, many companies have begun developing very effective reconditioning systems that don’t cost thousands of dollars to purchase.

Starting a business is a major life decision. In the business world low overhead equals longevity. Starting a business that allows your customers to receive a small discount for trading in their dead batteries not only gives you an endless stock of new batteries to recondition, but it also helps prevent harmful waste from accumulating in landfills.

Most people need their car to get from point A to point B. When given the opportunity to continue using their transportation, few people will care if their battery is reconditioned. The point is, if the car starts, everyone is going to be happy and you are going to be extra happy because you will be making money.

Our Top Pick For Battery Reconditioning

Learn how to recondition batteries and save money!

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