Battery Reconditioner

A battery reconditioner can significantly extend the life cycle of your battery. This is because reconditioners can reverse the effects of sulfation. Sulfation is the most common reason for battery failure. These tiny crystals can form and prevent your battery from functioning correctly. To understand sulfation you should first understand how a car battery works.

A car battery, or lead acid battery, is composed of six cells. Each cell is responsible for producing two volts of power. Every cell is made up of a sponge lead plate and a lead dioxide plate. These plates are set into sulfuric acid. This acid causes a chemical reaction that produces electricity as a byproduct.

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Wherever sulfation occurs, microscopic sulfate crystals form on the contact points of your battery. This buildup reduces the amount of power and energy your battery can produce. There are a couple different reasons why sulfation can occur.

The most common reason for sulfation is that you have let your battery sit and a majority of the water has evaporated out of the cells. This dehydrated battery can create an appealing environment in which sulfation can form. It is also very common to see sulfate on a battery that has a bad cell.

It is possible for a battery to have one or more bad cells but still test well. The key to spotting this type of dead battery is to look for one that tests well but still, cannot start the car. This is because each cell is responsible for two volts of production. A starter requires all twelve volts to engage the engine and start your vehicle.

Anything less and your starter is not able to start your vehicle. Storing batteries that are not fully charged can also induce sulfation. Storing a battery at half power is never a good idea because it promotes battery deterioration. In addition, using the wrong charging level or undercharging batteries can cause sulfation to happen quicker.

There are few different types of reconditioning techniques available today. The best, but most expensive technique makes use of modern technology. A battery reconditioner can work in a variety of ways. Some are designed to be hooked up to your battery while it is still attached to your vehicle.

Others are designed to be attached to your battery exclusively and left alone for about a day and a half. The most common version creates a low voltage frequency signal that destroys sulfate crystals. This style of reconditioner can turn your sulfate back into electrolyte gel.

This restores your battery to its original capacity and workload. This technique is very effective, but it will not work on batteries that suffer from burnt out or damaged cells.

You may find it necessary to recondition the cells manually. This can be dangerous and requires that the proper eye and body protection is worn. Goggles and gloves are to be worn when working with acids.

To manually recondition your battery, you will need a mix of Epsom salts and water heated to 150 degrees Farenheit. This is mixed together and allowed to let cool to room temperature.

Pop off the cover caps located on the top of your battery. The old acid should be poured out of the battery into a plastic container and covered in baking soda to neutralize the volatile acid. The new electrolyte mixture should be poured into the cells until they are full.

A trickle charger should be used to slowly bring this battery back to full charge. This strategy is effective for 80% of batteries you encounter.

There are some popular systems available online such as EZ Battery Reconditioning. These all inclusive systems provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to recondition your battery properly. This is a great cost effective way to recondition your battery.

A battery reconditioner can be the answer to your battery problems. These handy tools are available for personal use, and commercial versions that are designed to handle multiple batteries as well as to diagnose battery problems. All of these tools can make battery reconditioning a very profitable business to operate.

Battery reconditioning businesses fill a niche in the auto industry. The majority of people would prefer to spend less money to get their vehicle running properly. In addition, you can always take their old batteries for a slight discount and recondition them.

Learning to recondition batteries, and to operate a battery reconditioner are skills that will possess a high value as time progresses.

Our Top Pick For Battery Reconditioning

Learn how to recondition batteries and save money!

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