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A small investment into battery reconditioning equipment can be a smart decision. The average car battery can cost over $80 a piece. For many people, a cheaper alternative can be the best route for them to pursue.

With battery reconditioning equipment, you can fill this niche market. You can also save yourself money because you will never have to buy another battery for your car again.

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Battery reconditioning equipment comes in many styles and they all can vary in cost dramatically. Battery reconditioners work by removing sulfate build. Sulfation occurs for many reasons. One of the most common causes of sulfation is allowing a battery to sit for a long time.

The sulfate can build up around the contact points of your battery. This build up significantly reduces the effectiveness of your battery.

A battery with sulfation will be weaker and have less capacity when compared to a healthy battery. A bad cell can create a sulfate build up. Your battery is made up of 6 cells that produce 2 volts of energy each.

If one of these cells goes bad your battery can still test good but it will not have the necessary 12 volts needed to power your starter. This means your starter will not properly engage the motor. A bad cell can increase sulfation in your battery.

A battery cell is composed of two lead plates. These plates are situated in an electrolyte gel composed of sulfuric acid. As this acid interacts with the lead plates, it creates lead sulfate. The byproduct of this chemical reaction is electricity. If your battery cells become low or dry, you will lose power.

It is important to have the right equipment to help you determine if your battery needs to be recharged or reconditioned. A voltmeter can be very helpful in this situation. A voltmeter will allow you to check your voltage. If you notice your voltage is low, you can jump-start your vehicle.

Wait a few minutes then retest your battery to see if it is holding a charge. If your battery is not holding a charge, you should use your voltmeter to see what your voltage drops too when starting the vehicle.

A trickle charger can be helpful in reconditioning batteries. If you notice your battery is not reaching 12 volts but is above 10 volts, there is a good chance you can recondition your battery after changing your electrolyte. There are couple different techniques you can decide on when reconditioning your battery.

A battery reconditioner or regenerator can be a great way to save your battery and can be used to start a profitable reconditioning business.

There are a couple different versions of battery reconditioners to consider. Recently, inline battery reconditioners have become popular. This type of reconditioner is attached to your battery. It goes directly onto the 12-volt connector of your battery. The reconditioner works by producing a low current that reverses sulfation.

This low voltage has the ability to turn sulfate crystals back into electrolyte gel. This is a very effective technique that can be far more cost effective when compared to stand-alone reconditioners. The disadvantage is this unit is usually designed for one vehicle.

If you are considering a reconditioning business, you are going to want to consider a commercial reconditioning computer. This computer can tell you if a battery is able to be reconditioned, as well as recondition it. These units usually take about 36 hours to produce the desired results.

They are more expensive than your inline reconditioners, but you completely remove the frustration of trying to recondition a battery that is permanently gone. This type of reconditioner can provide you with a viable source of income.

You will also want to purchase some Epson salt and baking soda. These ingredients are used when you need to change the electrolyte out of your battery. By swapping the electrolyte gel out, you can restore 80% of batteries you encounter.

There are some great reconditioning techniques located online such as EZ Battery Reconditioning. These systems give you step-by-step instructions to help guide you through the reconditioning process.

Most people prefer to save money when repairing their vehicle. This makes a battery reconditioning business a smart choice for most areas. People are known for slacking on their vehicle maintenance and car battery maintenance is important to the functionality of your vehicle.

A small investment into battery reconditioning equipment can provide you with a lucrative business that will provide your community with a valuable service.

Our Top Pick For Battery Reconditioning

Learn how to recondition batteries and save money!

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