What is a High Drain Battery?

Have you ever noticed that not all batteries are created equal? When you put new batteries in some devices, they seem to eat up the batteries quickly, while others can last months before needing to be replaced. It can be embarrassing running out of batteries, especially at professional or corporate related events.

Most people are unaware that all devices do not use the same style or make of battery. Most devices can be categorized into two types of energy usage types: high-drain, and low-drain.

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Because of the nature of the majority of our high-tech devices, most would benefit greatly from using a high-drain battery. This is because not all devices need the same type of power distribution.

Some devices like IPods, GPS receivers, cell phones, and digital cameras all consume power at a higher rate than low tech devices. This is called high-drain usage and the majority of our high-tech devices fall into this category.

These devices need to be fed power at a steady rate to function properly and can be described as any device that only lasts a few hours on a full battery. If the voltage they receive is low they can’t fully function. For example, you charge your cell phone once and under normal usage, you will need to recharge it again within the next 24 to 36 hours.

Low-drain devices only use power in short bursts. This means that low-drain devices can use the same pair of batteries for months. A television remote control only needs to send a signal to your TV for a split second.

These types of devices do not require a powerful stream of energy but rather they only need power at the moment of operation. For the most part, anything that registers under 600mA can be considered low-drain.

If a device falls in-between these drain ratings, it is called a medium-drain device. All of your portable electronics will fall into one of these categories. Medium-drain devices can be characterized as lasting a few days with a new pair of batteries. Being able to identify what category a device is can help you to choose the proper battery for it.

Think of a high-drain device like a powerful, flowing river. The current flows constantly to your device for it to function properly. Most hi-tech items are high-drain. This is because of the mini-screens and advance computers we use today in much of our electronics that require constant voltage to operate properly.

Now think of a low-drain device like a river that has a dam built on it. The river’s water is only allowed out at certain times. This timed trickle allows this river to stay filled for much longer. The majority of the time the river sits still as a lake, waiting for the next usage.

High drain batteries outperform regular batteries in many aspects. This is because a high drain battery has the capability to discharge a larger amount of current. This can be extremely helpful for flashes and vaporizer batteries. These types of batteries are designed to push more voltage, so you get more power when you need it.

Using the wrong type of battery in your device can significantly reduce its performance. You should always use high-drain batteries with high drain devices. Normal batteries are not particularly suited to handle high-power drains. This causes them to burn out quicker, leaving you wondering why you always end up needing new batteries.

Using high drain batteries solves this issue by delivering added voltage when it is needed most. It makes sense that as technology increases, batteries are going to have to adapt to fill the new requirements needed.

A few simple steps can help keep your batteries running longer. Always make sure to turn off devices that are not in use. Forgetting to turn off a battery-powered device can drain the life from your battery much sooner than expected. Batteries should always be kept in a cool place.

If your battery overheats, it is going to swell and may begin to leak. This place should be free from any moisture, as water can cause corrosion on your battery.

Batteries work in unison to power your devices. Do not mix old and new batteries together in your devices. This causes your new batteries to lose power quicker. The uneven voltage can cause added stress on your new batteries. In the end, doing this sacrifices your batteries and can ultimately lead to premature battery death.

Avoid this by using high-drain batteries in all your high tech devices. These technologies work together to provide you with the best possible user experience and the longest battery life cycles.

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