Why is My Car Battery Leaking?

Have you ever walked into your garage and been greeted by a puddle under your car in the area of the engine? There are many different things that can leak under your hood and we can agree that all of them are not good for your car. This is especially true for your battery.

Your battery is a necessary component of your ignition and electrical system. It produces the power and cranking amperage your starter motor requires to engage your engine. If your battery isn’t functioning, you are not going anywhere without a jumpstart.

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You may wonder why your battery is leaking. A leaky car battery can be a serious issue when encountered. Driveways can be permanently corroded due to acid leakage. A leaky battery is a good indicator your battery is on its last leg.

In some cases, it may be a better decision to go with a new battery. This is especially true if your battery case is severely cracked or damaged. You shouldn’t waste your time trying to salvage a battery that looks swollen like a basketball.

Not all batteries can be repaired and learning how to tell the difference between a dead battery and one that needs to be reconditioned can be a helpful skill to possess. The large majority of so-called dead batteries can be reconditioned.

There are many different reasons your battery may leak. So, to answer the question, why is my battery leaking, you will need to understand how your battery works. Your car battery is classified as a lead acid battery.

Lead acid batteries work by producing an internal chemical reaction that results in electricity. This is accomplished by placing two lead plates in acid. A sponge lead plate is placed parallel to a plate made of lead oxide. Both of these plates are submerged in a solution of sulfuric acid.

This causes the lead plates to begin a chemical reaction as they interact with the sulfuric acid. This chemical reaction produces electricity as a byproduct. If your battery has a low level of electrolytes, it will not be able to operate properly.

A battery will start to leak when one of these cells is damaged or cracked. Overcharging or under-charging a battery can cause cells to leak. You should always use the proper charger set to a trickle charge to ensure you do not incorrectly charge your battery. Using the wrong charger can permanently kill your battery.

Improper storage can also contribute to battery leakage. All batteries should be fully charged prior to storage. This keeps the battery’s life cycle running at peak performance. If a battery becomes overheated, it can swell. This swelling can cause your battery’s cells to rupture.

It is also possible for the heat to expand the electrolyte in your battery, causing the top caps to pop, leaking acid onto your terminals.

Repairing a leaking battery can be difficult depending on how bad the damage is. If you notice a cracked cell wall, you may decide that you want to repair it. To repair a cracked wall, you will need sandpaper and sealant. Start by removing the caps from the top of the battery. Next, slowly pour the electrolytes into a plastic bin.

Neutralize the acid by throwing baking soda on it. Now that your battery is empty, slowly sand the cracked area until it is smooth to the touch. Once this area is completely smooth, apply your sealant and allow time to dry.

Next, you will need to recondition the electrolyte fluid. This is done by heating three cups of water to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Next, mix one cup of Epsom salts into the water until it dissolves. Allow this mixture to cool to room temperature, and then pour it into your battery.

Make sure to wipe any spill; excess water promotes rust and corrosion. Close the caps tightly and shake your battery for five minutes. Place your reconditioned battery on a slow trickle charge for 36 hours or until fully charged.

A leaking car battery is no good for anyone. You, your car, and the environment all suffer when your battery leaks. By doing some simple battery maintenance you can avoid a leaking battery scenario and keep your car running with no problem.

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